Mobile connected Cardiac Care. Anytime, Anywhere.

KardioScreen™ is the only mobile US FDA 510 (k) cleared medical-grade 12/6 Lead ECG solution. Mobile, cloud-connected, and fully digital, KardioScreen™ helps doctors respond within a matter of minutes to diagnose and manage underlying conditions from the bedside or afar.

Use Cases

Hospitals and Health Systems:

  • Hospital at Home
  • Cardiac patient referrals from other hospitals/clinics
  • Cath lab optimization


  • Adverse drug reactions using QTc interval monitoring
  • Telemedicine consultations
  • Chronic Disease Management / RPM
  • Concierge medicine: Kardioscreen’s small size, excellent noise cancellation, long battery life, and ability to seamlessly integrate with your EHR make it an ideal choice for your concierge practice.

Senior Care Facilities

  • Telemedicine consultations
  • Initiation of, or titration of, QTc prolonging medications

Home Health:

  • Telemedicine consultations
  • Follow-up after hospital discharge (MI/CHF/Arrhythmias)

Public Health:

  • EMS: Small footprint, excellent noise cancellation, share EKGs immediately with a specialist.
  • Cardiac care in remote areas

Personal Use:

  • High risk patients (existing heart conditions such as previous Heart Attack/Heart Failure/Arrhythmias).

Insurance Companies:

  • Population health – screening, resource allocation, and interventions.
  • Pre-policy Insurance checkups.

Pharmaceutical Companies:

  • Screen cohort for trials.
  • Monitor for drug adverse effects.

Case Studies

The world’s largest telecardiology networks by industry leaders such as Medtronic, Philips and Siemens, Pharma giants and over 60 leading hospitals use iMedrix to take heart care out of hospitals into homes, community care centers and primary care settings.


AIIMS Mission Delhi Project – Motorcycle Ambulance/STEMI

Mission DELHI is a 24-hour emergency motorbike ambulance response service by the Government of Delhi to provide a rapid response system for out of hospital cardiac emergencies and a prehospital thrombolysis service, using the clot buster Tenecteplase for heart attack patients. Trained paramedics, reach most of the locations within 15 min and are able to obtain, transmit and interpret ECGs, within 12 min and more importantly administer the thrombolytic therapy within 12 min, resulting in many more lives saved.

Mission DELHI


iMedrix integrates Philips Lumify echocardiogram to revolutionize access

In collaboration with Philips, iMedrix has integrated KardioScreen™ and Lumify (2DEcho). Harnessing the power of mobility, data and AI to deliver real-time risk assessment, monitoring and physician consult when needed; the Telecardiology platform is easy to use, enhances patient outcomes, and lowers cost of care.

  • Incredible Ultrasound images & Best-In-Class ECG signal quality.
  • Seamless integration with clinical workflow, complemented with world class security

Learn more about the Integrated Telecardiology Solution

Philips-foundation Social Impact Investment

MoyoAfya Project Launched in Siaya County – NCD Alliance Kenya (ncdak.org)

Siemens Healthineers and iMedrix partner to provide tele-cardiology to help improve access to care in Southeast Asia

Siemens Healthineers and iMedrix entered into a strategic partnership to build a tele-cardiology network in Southeast Asia, to help analyze population health using AI and data analytics and further ease the burden of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) in the region. The partnership will utilize the expertise of iMedrix in mobile cardiology to acquire and analyze clinical grade ECGs and help identify high-risk patients. Siemens Healthineers’ vast installations of interventional cardiology solutions will further enable accurate diagnosis of these patients and help manage precise treatment planning.

Click here to learn more.


Medtronic partners with iMedrix to deliver connected Cardiac Care in the Asia- Tertiary Hospitals are organized as Hubs with smaller clinics/GP offices as Spokes. When a patient visiting the Spoke locations is found to have certain risk factors, an ECG is performed with KardioScreen and transmitted to the Hub if any escalation is needed. The GP or nurse at the Spoke clinic consults with the Cardiologist at the Hub in real time. ECGs deemed Abnormal or Acute are escalated for further testing and/or intervention.

Apollo Clinics

Apollo Hospitals is a USD 7.5B healthcare enterprise in Asia. Apollo Clinics is now India’s largest chain of primary care clinics with 300+ clinics across India and Middle East.

As a result, Apollo Clinics was set up as a community based, multi-specialty chain of clinics that provides the neighborhood with easy access to specialist doctors, primary care diagnostics services, treatment facilities (treatment room, physiotherapy, dentistry) and preventive healthcare (health checks and vaccinations). Apollo Clinics is now India’s largest chain of primary care clinics operated by the private sector, and it plays a major role in bringing Apollo expertise closer to the home. Kardioscreen is currently used in 25 such clinics.

Senior-Care Facilities

iMedrix’s Kardioscreen device paired with existing technology gives providers the ability to obtain a 12 lead EKG in addition to ultrasound imaging, labs, and collect other diagnostic tests at the bedside, within minutes, providing immediate care and allowing treatment of residents within the SNF setting. A 1-year pilot program using this technology coupled with a 24/7 telemedicine program was able to achieve a 94% reduction in unnecessary out-of-facility transports, and to date, complete elimination of 30-day readmissions in skilled nursing facilities in different parts of the United States.

The decline in transports and readmissions will greatly reduce governmental cost burdens, as well as fines imposed on SNF for high 30-day readmissions, reduce the cost of Medicare A readmissions, and significantly impact the number of patients

visiting overcrowded ERs. More importantly, these facilities can create a higher quality of life and medical care for residents by providing definitive care in a timely manner with trained personnel.

In addition, the current cost of obtaining an EKG in a skilled facility can be up to $75 per EKG. This cost can be greatly reduced by using Kardioscreen to less than 50c per EKG.

Home Care

  • Residential Community Clinics: KardioScreen is used in 175 Society clinics across South & West India. These Clinics have a Physician, a Nurse and visiting Specialist Doctors. Kardioscreen is used to obtain ECGs when indicated by the doctor. It is also used for obtaining ECGs when they run screening camps.
  • Diagnostic Centers: KardioScreen is used by two major Diagnostic Companies in India to provide home ECG services in addition to blood sample collection through a phlebotomist. 
  • Pre-policy Health Check-up & Insurance: KardioScreen is used by Medibuddy & Call Health to perform pre-policy health checkups for various health insurance companies.

Public Health

Digisahayam – An assisted Telemedicine Program developed by the Public Health Foundation of India – Center for Digital Health

Program to improve quality of / access to healthcare for socio-economically deprived populations launched in collaboration with WHO Regional Office for South-East Asia and Star Health Insurance. An interoperable and innovative platform that embeds electronic health records, an in-built clinical decision support system, and numerous state-of-the-art digital health technologies provide a physician with comprehensive information regarding the patients’ medical history and present illnesses. More than 12000 patients have been treated, with over 10,000 Consultations, over 800 Specialist Consultations, approximately 500 Home Visits and Doorstep Consultations.

case studies



Star Arogya Digi Seva – Assisted Telemedicine Clinics

The Digisahayam program is currently up and running successfully at two telemedicine centers in Chennai, launched in 2021, providing free consultations over the telemedicine platform and free lab tests by trained healthcare staff. Close to 5900 consultations and EKGs have been performed.

Star Arogya Digi Seva | Digisahayam


Apollo Telehealth

Apollo TeleHealth specializes in integrated healthcare delivery to provide services such as Tele-Consultations, Tele Radiology, Tele Cardiology, Tele Condition Management, and Tele-ICU services among others. Kardioscreen is used by Apollo Telehealth in rural and remote areas in two states for health screening and for providing care in acute conditions

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