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Health care starts with Heart Care

KardioScreen™, our flagship product, helps in detecting, preventing and managing heart disease in an unprecedented, connected manner. We have extended our cardiac care into homes, offices, community centers and primary care facilities.


At pocket size: Keeping Heart at peace

KardioScreen™ is designed with unique PATENTED Technology. It is a scalable (6-12 lead) mobile ECG device that records real time cardiac impulses in ‘clinical and out of hospital settings’ and analyses, and transmits the data through Cloud for a primary clinician or paramedic and further to an expert’s interpretation.

KardioScreen™ Resources

iMedrix integrates Philips Lumify echo-cardiogram to revolutionize access

In collaboration with Philips, iMedrix has integrated KardioScreen™ and Lumify (2DEcho). This first of its kind integration is truly mobile and brings secondary access to home and community settings / PHCs – truly connected, affordable, access to cardiac care.

International Journal Of Community Medicine And Public Health

The International Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health (IJCMPH) is an open access, international, monthly, peer-reviewed journal publishes articles of authors from India and abroad with special emphasis on original research findings that are relevant for developing country perspectives including India. The journal publishes original research articles, focusing on family health care, epidemiology, biostatistics, public health administration, health care delivery, national health problems, medical anthropology and social medicine, invited annotations and comments, invited papers on recent advances, clinical and epidemiological diagnosis and management review article, short communication/brief reports, letters to the editor, case reports, etc.

All you wanted to know about KardioScreen™

A complete control on your heart

With KardioScreen™ in your hands it takes less than a minute to view your ECG readings. The device alerts you on any abnormal heart rhythms and conductions.

Cloud storage

KardioScreen™ records ECG readings and stores it on cloud for a hassle-free access any time anywhere. Cloud storage helps in connecting patient with remote cardiologist resulting in a quick diagnosis and treatment plan.

Accurate and comprehensive

The device offers real-time alerts on ECG sequence and provides two-way interaction between Doctors and Patients for an accurate and quick medical attention.

The device performs AI (Artificial Intelligence) assisted automatic data classification along with the analytical monitoring of basic physiological parameters.

App based and user friendly

KardioScreen™ can be interfaced to a smartphone installed with an Android based application. The app processes the data received from the device and gives useful insights on the cardiac condition of the patient.

It simultaneously stores the data on cloud which can be accessed by remote physicians and assist them in monitoring their patients heart condition.

Trusted and Certified

KardioScreen™ is trusted over 60 leading hospitals and institutions including the office of Vice President of India’s Secretariat. It has been used in 18 countries serving over 300,000 patients in various models and settings such as hospitals, ICUs, clinics, community centers, homes, screening camps, and ambulances.

It is an FDA 510(K) Cleared device, and the device has been clinically tested at AIIMS Delhi, Jayadeva Bangalore and KEM Mumbai with 98% Morphological correlation accuracy.

The device has been adopted for Critical Care by AIIMS Delhi and STEMI Care by Jayadeva Bangalore.

Who We Serve?

* Primary Care

* Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine

* Acute Care

* Post Acute Care                  

* Rural Health Care

* Population Health Management

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