The power of a FDA-cleared medical grade 12-lead EKG in your pocket

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Cloud-connected, and fully digital, KardioScreen™ helps doctors respond within a matter of minutes to diagnose and manage underlying conditions from the bedside or remotely.   


Device Innovations

Applications Innovations

Rugged, lightweight, pocket-sized

Early detection of Heart Disease

Easy to use by anyone, anywhere

Real time alerts for acute events 

No carts, gel, printing or paper

CVD risk stratification with AI, ML

Low cost of disposables (less than 50c per ECG)

Cloud service with 200+ biomarkers, highly customizable

Lead error check

Primary care EMR system & vitals capture 

300+ ECGs on a single charge

Seamless EHR integration

Best-in-class noise cancellation

Cloud connected and fully digital. Ability to access and read ECGs remotely.

Compatible with traditional ECG adhesive electrode patches. No need for dedicated patch/electrode strips.

Optional 24/7 ECG reading service

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