Transforming Cardiac Care

iMedrix is a cutting-edge medical technology company providing diagnostic solutions digitally through innovative rugged device, producing clinical grade ECG traces, device accuracy proved through multiple clinical trials.

We, at iMedrix, are committed to revolutionise cardio health care by incorporating Artificial intelligence (AI), Cloud Technology and Machine learning (ML) for a quick diagnosis and accurate clinical decisions.

Remote cardiac care is the future of the heart health and iMedrix is determined to make a landmark in cardiac diagnostics.



To build the finest medical devices and provide safe, accurate and accessible to the last person needing it with minimal operational setup for cardiovascular care.


To build a world class mobile medical solution that is accurate, affordable and dependable.

We are on a mission to empower individuals in preventing and managing cardiovascular diseases.

Our aim is to bring down 25% of current CVD
mortality rate.

“iMedrix will generate more knowledge about the human body in the next 5 years than we did in the last 500”

Visionary Author Michael S. Malone

iMedrix Board Advisor

Our Integration & Application Partners

Meet our team

iMedrix team, with an interesting mix of skill set, is dedicated to making technology work for your health.

Dr. Paul W Heng

Chairman of the Board

4 decades of Manufacturing and Global Business development. Founder and CEO of Unigen Corp, California, USA

Srikanth (Sree) Jadcherla

President and CEO

Mobile systems Guru, Technologist, Educator. Entrepreneur

Nagesh Rangappan

CTO and MD, India

25+ years developing military grade medical devices and systems

Contact Us

US (Corporate HQ)

iMedrix Inc
1525 McCarthy Blvd, Suite 1059, Milpitas, CA 95035 USA

1-866-463-3749 ( 1-866-IMEDRIX)

India (R&D Centre)

iMedrix Systems Pvt Ltd
M-20, UKS Heights, Sector XI, Jeevan Bima Nagar,
Bangalore 560075

+91 80 4161 4164