Hospital Grade ECG Anywhere

Easy to Use by Anybody Anywhere

Early Detection Saves Lives

Keep Clothes/Jewellery On

Use in Ambulances & Motorcycles

Comprehensive Cardiac Coverage

Quick Report Generation

Cloud Connected AI

Deep Data Analysis

Checking your heart health is now as simple as a BP/Glucose check

KardioScreen, a revolutionary mobile solution by iMedrix, can be used anywhere by anybody. It can seamlessly connect to remote doctors and provide artificial intelligence analytics on the spot. It is being used in screening camps, point-of-care clinics, leading hospitals, ambulances, ICUs, and for home care. KardioScreen saves many lives everyday!
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Accurate and Comprehensive

Kardioscreen is accurate and comprehensive in its analysis

Field Proven, Certified

Kardioscreen is certified by multiple leading hospitals

Extensive Validation

Validated in 9 clinical trials for multiple use cases

KardioScreen In Ambulances

It is extremely convenient in cardiac emergencies