About KardioScreen

KardioScreen is an innovative mobile ECG solution. It is hospital grade, usable by practically anybody anywhere. It has been used on over 55,000 patients in 16 countries. We have detected over 10,000 cases of heart disease and saved over 1500 lives by detecting silent heart attacks. Because it is connected, quick, simple and easy to use,XardioScreen has been used in a wide range of settings such as hospitals, ICUs, population screening, ambulances a d home care.


  • ECG Bandwidth:O.5 - 50hz
  • Standard Compliance:ANSl/AAMl, ECI, Safety-IEC
  • 60601; EMC-60601-1 -2
  • Operating Temparature:O-500c
  • Ingress Protection:lP54
  • Lead Check: Detects different lead reversals and
    lead off errror detection
  • Battery Capacity: 8 hours continuos operations
  • Data Encryption: AES128

Quick Easy On The Go

Timely diagnosis and periodic check up are key tobetter cardiac care. Kardioscreen is set torevolutionise cardiac care in preventive,post-operative and routine diagnosis. KardioScreen is a feature-rich Electro-Cardiogram(ECG) recorder thet is easy and convenient to use.


  • Patient History repository in cloud
  • Zoom feature for detailed view of ECG report
  • 2-ECG History Comparisom on single screen
  • Place-holders for vital health parameter for integrated ECG report
  • Customised ECG reports for alyout,logo and other admin features
  • General purpose printer interface with A4-sheet print for ease of use at POC
  • Barcode integration to Hospital Management System's EHR repository
  • Customised notifications to Doctor/Hospital on ECG upload